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03 February 2008

k im back cause i felt better?hopefully..
thks xiaohaizi again for spending tym to share with me her past story to cheer me up urh but still kinda xin suan when reading other ppl blog which type:"YAY WE WON!"or"WE H'VE ENTER INTO TOP 4!"..okay cut e crap..

k seriously..think abt e pass 3 yrs..i felt great having u all..gonna list out all their names..
and 2 other sec 1..i forgot their names alr..haha..
hopefully i din miss out anyone name?(:

lets start with e seniors,kim,joyce,yokeyu,kuanyin nd sandy..starting join e team..i rmb they ask me to start off with a layup to see my standard in basketball..they quite funny lurh..den aft e layup they say i pass e selection alr o.O..LOL
heard from e seniors that before i enter into e team..they quarrel before..but actually i can see that they care abt da team..even though the look like aiyurh sian sian all this..haha..they are a good senior to hang out with..always say some weird stories to me..LOL!think abt it..i din rly had a match tgt with em before sia..except for yoke yu and joyce la..

k den for jiaxin mich xueli siri and huiting..sec 1..my first match in c div..mich they all guide us along..teach us things that i din learn in pri sch..first match on da court in c div..i was so nervous when yang bin ask me to sub someone..den i rmb one senior console me ask me not to be nervous..forgot hu alr..LOL..even though we lost those match nd din enter into nz top four,we still happy cause we did learn sth from e game nd e team become more and more united..

den my batch me baoling sheryl man ling amelia yijun houyee..starting i dun even know any of em..except for baoling cause prisch match got v.s her sch nd i still rmb her face!haha..well..i rmb that yr being e captain for da team..i kept saying we can do it..but seriously when i said that..actually i not v sure can we do it not..LOL...uncle foo came in to teach us..train us like mad..we suffer tgt,cry tgt laugh tgt..lose and win tgt..nd i rmb got one tym valerie din come for trg for duno how many times den we went up her house and knock on her door like loan shark..haha....aft that coach notice houyee..she asked us to pull her in..den she startin say dun wan..aft that i trick her den she bobian come join our team..haha..starting she a goal keeper,now shes a RUNNNING CENTER!aint u glad i did trick u to join us..now u get to know that team chr is a lovely team right?LOL..and for yijun..i forgot how she enter our team alr...hahaha..but they improve fast..
den for me baoling sheryl manling and amelia..five of us join from sec 1..went for trg..learn alot..and become more united..even though now amelia cant fight hard with us..but i know shes supporting us every now and den..nd for baoling..even though she likes to act dao LOL..we did fought hard tgt for 3 yrs..including sheryl too..slowly,without noticin,we became buddys..all of us manage to bring e team up to top 16..this shows that a small team,with big hopes can succeed..

den to huijuan sabrina elaine debra glenys brenda vivian anita and weizhen..k i rmb huijuan incident..it was a accident..cant blame that coach..but we are simply careless din look aft them well..elaine sabrina debra and glenys..aft some incident we did hate em for awhile..seriously AWHILE!haha..but now think back..u all did try to train hard when u all startin join e team..brenda vivian and weizhen..welcome u all joinin our team this yr..hopefully u all could stay..but its u all de choice to choose stay or not to..e gate is always open for u all..anw welcome anita!

for e new comers this yr..continue to train hard and jiayou..we are putting our hopes on u all hopefully u all can get good results and excel in bball nd studies too(:

its great having u all around..seriously without u all..my life will be damn bored..
team chr rocks kay!

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