if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

21 February 2008

ytd felt tired but today energetic urh..haha..mayb is that tmr lesson ends at 10am nd im gonna go walk walk with jiaying to find my bag!:D
hopefully i could find one bag dat i like..hehe

today sch was alright..met siao zha bor and anita..headed to sch and chats as usual..durg assembly that yongkang disturb me..walao-.-..was chatting for e whole assembly la..as usual..hah..headed back to class..den tt hairy auntie machium eat bomb lidat..kept scolding us..nd we arrange our seats back..haha..den blah blah blah..oly know that almost all e lesson i was like saying jianing irritating den disturb her 'DONKEY!'..haha..actually its also a ambulance lurh..i bet some of u are thinkin why donkey can ecome ambulance right?haha..ask me in sch and i'll tell ya..kinda stupid thou..lol
well..last bio lesson i ask teacher to let ashley and isabel in for lesson..nd she agreed..kinda shock but good for em lah..haha..i think they can change to my class liao sia..

k aft sch wenta canteen den slack with brenda..well actually shld be waiting for her choir time to reach lo..and both of us kena kajiao by houyee nd yijun..diu..nvm..im innocent so its okay haha..well time reach nd i sat at prayer hub waiting for her choir to end..den wait wait nd wait..time reach den suddenly her instructor as me wanna join choir not..DIAOS!..aft tt home sweet home..LOL

till now..i den know that most of da sec 3s tot that im fierce..seems like my name is DANGER..hahs..kinda funny lah..anw its a good thing to retain too..cause lidat will have less enemy when they know me well?haha..

hey u!i wont bite unless you bite me okay(:

i know that i care about you ... at 20:51

` here.waiting ;