if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

05 March 2008

back to blog..well im gonna stay at mate house for hmmmmmm..duno how many days..hahaha..seems that mates mum welcome me alot by cookin alot of things for me to makan makan urh..hahs..
lotsa things happen ytd..mornin went to find someone wit brenda den aft that went home den got prob with em nd i ran out..so im not gg to go back for e tym being..
today came to sch with a swollen eye..-.-''..so weird lo..den aft sch wanted to go back home..but in da end waiting for brather to end his lesson..stayed at sch with kk and brenda cause they got netball..den e brenda kept "WANG PAI!WANGPAI!" den i was like e "W" thingy so we 2 were "W" here "W" dere..so stupid la..hahaha
p.s:oly two of us know e stupid thing-.-
den aft tt watch em rock climbin..kinda funny..and den headed to CS meet brather for movie..e show was nice..
aft movie went for dinner tgt den wenta mate home..(:
gonna end here i guess..
gnights peeps(:

p.s:fierce girl likes to deny shes not fierce..omg hard to believe sia..lol

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