if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

21 March 2008

back to update..
nowdays was fun..cause of those jokers who made me laugh
sports day was like nth to me eh..sian sian..den ytd was a busy schedule for me..no time for a nap-.-..mornin went to sch for parent meetin..nd i realise i gotta chiong damn hard for mids..aft tt went for bball trg..den go admiralty makan with anita ,brenda and her mum..den rushed to my bro hse to bath and meet 3 on 3 de ppl..headed to wgs.seriously gg there is just a waste of time..diu-.-..my team got first in position and e price was just a stupid water bottle..so in da end i gave e water bottle to siying..lol..headed to cwp makan and den down to sbc for trg..train till 10pm..

i realise ahbao coach teaching methods mostly on running eh..but our standard will cnfirm improve(:
nd ya..amanda accidently slap me 3 times durg e trg..nd kept correctin my words..irritation as ever..haha..
aft trg wenta see em makan..and there was this boy..pri 3 lidat ba?he very noisy la..nd he challenged mich on lame jokes..in da end he lose and walked away..we felt kind of relieve went he walk away..hu knows..he came back again and sit on e table beside us..wth-.-..den hy they all makan finish liao faster leave..suddenly the boy chase aft us..i tot wad..jitao never scare dao..haha..but still kinda fun durg ytd night..reach home kind of late lurhs..

shall update when im free agn(:

i know that i care about you ... at 10:35

` here.waiting ;