if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

11 March 2008

had a great night ytd with geron they all..doing those stuffs were kind of crazy..but its fun thou

anw..ytd houyee bday!happy belated bday urh..den today is kerry,coach sipei and issac's bday!
happy bday urh(:
mayb all u all de wish come true!

k ytd was my suayest day ever..mornin reach checkpt ard 8 plus..no bus ard cause traffic jam..so walked to siling sec dere and wait..den no bus nor cab also..den from dere walk to marsiling mrt-.-..reach sch at 10.30am den drizzilin..wtf..jitao not suay..trg 8.30 i reach at 10.30..sian sia..balled for awhile den went bro hse have a nap and out to celebrate houyee bday..watched stepup2 and we saw eden in da movie!lmao..movie was nice urh..aft tt went jkay hse awhile and off i go..wenta meet geron they all den walk ard bugis nd orchard..reach bro hse at 5am lidat..rest awhile and prepare for trg..aft tt went mate hse to slp..ltr gg out again..realise nowdays i seem to be more active at night..hahs..shall end here

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