if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

28 March 2008

its just beside me

deres good and bad news..good news is that im able to rest for 2 more days and bad news is that i cant go for k.k trainin and next week im gonna mug!..siansian

ytd aft sch went to watch shutter with amanda and houyee..k..e show was not really v scary and amanda shout till like kind of funny..haha..aft movie met xueli and mich and went to trg..trg was fun ytd..and we got a new teammate zoey..shes quite funny also..haha..trained with boys and played 5 on 5..woah..seems like we went to entertain e guys oly..lol..they are way too strong..headed back bro hse and went to void deck meet jiaying..chat till 2 plus nd went to my dreamland..
today went to sch quite energetic..was quite a suay day for my class cause earli in the mornin was being scolded about e class key and stuffs in class..den chapel was e last class to dismiss-.-
stayed in sch for awhile with brenda and anita and went for a movie,horton..anita had to leave and brenda and i watched tgt..e movie was quite cute lurh..saw e monkey and tot of someone..lol..kind of funny..went to admiralty and headed back home for a early rest..

well..houyee peiling and brenda are pervert man..took my baby pic nd say wanna post on blog..i know im cute when im young..but will malu one leh..LOL-.-

i know that i care about you ... at 19:04

` here.waiting ;