if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

09 April 2008

mouse back in action!!!

k kinda retard.well,monday till now is quite alright to me.but today is the worst-.-..early morning was shocked due to some knee cap problems,kingsway test which almost made me go berserk,then reach home some stupid problems again.was too exhausted to say anything so i just heck care..
and today is our last training before mid yr nd also maybe the last time using school court..cause there will be a indoor court soon!!no more hot sun,no more rain.kinda shiok..but i will miss the old court for sure(:

anw friday killiney kopitiam training..trg with scgs..gosh im not prepare and i still duno i could go not..haha..lied to my parents say that im going for some musical thingy instead of going trg..and now,they thought im insane..wth-.-

k i shall end here.gonna doze off soon..ciaos~

i know that i care about you ... at 19:46

` here.waiting ;