if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

30 April 2008

a new day,a new page

Had geo paper tday which means one more paper down,6 more t go. Geography paper was like alright? Pray hard that i will pass man(:
Dismissed at 9.30am tday,cause oly one paper on 30 april o8,hah. Went for breakfast with isabel they all and den popular nd cold storage. Went marsiling pt aft tt to meet mum nd den headed to bank t do some stuffs. Ok i oly can say my mum was super unfair-.-
She took my bank book and draw out 400bucks nd gave t to me. I was like blur den ask her why? She said she last time owe me $400 dollars and now shes returning the money to me.Wtf-.- Jitao never draw my money den use my money t return me. She thinks im like sucha dumbo lidat can. Geez~

Anw im still counting on and 8 more days to end of mye. Isnt that great? But im scared that my results will be even more "great" when i see it. This its my 2nd year in sec 3 nd i cant afford to fail/slack more,pls give me pills that will motivate me to study for 365/24 without resting. Ok i know im insane but ya durg exam periods im actually using my free time to sleep can. Even thou before the exams i alr prepared for the paper but aiyurh i gt a bad feeling :/

waking up early tmr to study at spore! Shall end here

i know that i care about you ... at 22:23

` here.waiting ;