if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

13 April 2008

not everything has a happy ending

i skipped sch on fri.due to lazyness.hahs.went bro hse to slp den headed to mandai and yishun.came back to woodlands to meet brenda nd get my homework.thks wz(:
went BK to chat and yea.she laughed thru out e conversation agn.lmao.but conversatioin was kinda funny lurh.headed to popular and den went back to admiralty tgt.just reach bro hse den gonna rush out to meet sheryl for lunch.meet up with others den headed for killiney trg.

trg wit scgs..seems like separate teams.we did ours and they did theirs.i was like trying to communicate with em but their daoness..made me speechless la dey~
trg was tiring but fun.gonna improve more on stamina but too bad i've to concentrate on my studies now cause mids exam is on 24 april.gosh~
hopefully i can pass with flying colours[p.s:i din pass with flying colour b4 leh-.-]
nvm..god will bless those whos mugging out there will pass with flying colours!(:

anw tday wenta SAO MU..deres one part quite funny la
conversation btween big sis and dad abt my grandfather.........
big sis:pa!ahgong last time fierce onot?
big sis:then hes character is like good or bad?
pa:not good and not bad..
pa:ahgong very guailan de.he always laolan with me.
big sis:*shocked*den means u also guai lan la?
pa:ya,but ahgong more guai lan.bcause when im young he punish me by sitting beside e toilet pot for the whole day..
us:*burst out laughter*

i got to know ahgong died when dad was 18 yrs old..due to drinking too much liquor and also dad guailan ahgong den he heart attack-.-..hais..shi shi nan liao

labels:i wish but fear..

i know that i care about you ... at 18:56

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