if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

18 May 2008

its not about skills,but hardwork

well back to post,finally my internet came back. But then i felt so stupid when i spent ard 30 mins finding ways trying to enable the internet connection and then i realised i forgot to install the cable to the cpu. Wth

And ya my whole body is aching like hell,walking like a old man with an umbrella. Tsktsk. Thanks to friday trg(s) which cause me to be in this pathetic state and my mum said i look like someone who kena stroke -.-"

Well friday was a boring+tiring day. Went to sch and did nothing
But e slowest fan in the classroom turns to be the fastest and it seems like its going to drop any moment,haha. But who cares,as long as the fan is fast(:
Aft sch went cwp to makan with anita and brenda aft tt headed back to sch for trg. Trg was tired and weather was damn hot plus 600 pumpings for warm up and punishment for e subs i've failed,matched with boys and my pathetic toe cramped-.-
and now,i still owe coach 500 pumpings,i think gonna clear it durg wed
Well,sch trg ends and rested at sch for awhile,walked to busstop tgt with vivien they all and i feel like throwing my shoe bag,so me glenys vivien and anita threw our shoe bag to see who could threw the furthest,and it was fun alright. Haha
Aft tt rushed to sbc for kk trg and im alr half dead aft e trg, went for dinner with them and headed back to bro house. I'd stoned in the train cause i felt like dying soon~
And then, home sweet home(:

strategy of wining this game is to use ur mind skills,but nt ur temper

i know that i care about you ... at 13:43

` here.waiting ;