if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

01 May 2008

let it be a forever

Back to blog agn cause im damn bored right now. Ok i almost overslept today but in da end i din. Hah. Went singapore and meet brenda to study at 8.30AM. Normally most ppl study in da afternoon/night but we study durg earli morning. Well half way thru studying, we start to so call "debate" abt tsunami and small intestine. Sibeh crap la-.-
Anw i saw some photos i wanna see can! Hahaha so happy u know, waited for dont know how many days and finally today!

Ok back t topic, we study till 12pm i think? Den went t buy stuffs nd she headed back home. I wenta bro hse den back to msia to meet old dudes and i actually spent freaking 3hrs t queue at malaysia custom. Can see from the officers face that it sucks to work on labour day and they just close a lane without informing those who were the queuing up la. So those who had queue up at that lane for 2-4 hrs had to re-queue agn, kaos-.-
BUT.....heng im at e lane beside that queue. Lol
headed for lunch and bowling with them and geron did sth stupid. He accidenlty drop the ball and it landed on his leg. Poor him had to walk with a blue black toe.

well tmr is social studies paper,gonna mug hard ltr on.gluck to everyone who is having paper tmr!

p.s:anyone can tell me is small intestine an organ??

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