if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

02 June 2008

my 4th day staying in singapore.
p.s:i sound like some tourist-.-

my first day work ytd was like......tired!
nt bcause alot of customers,but i must stand from 2pm to 10pm..except for break time la.i din even leave my area for like more then 10steps-.-
so ytd i realise,invention of chair is really a good idea!hah
anw,my products were message chair and some slimming machine,idk its name la-.-.
i've counted,i gt 27 customers almost more then half of it asked me to baby sit their child while they went to choose e lcd tv they liked.like wth-.-..i look like a nanny more then selling electronic products
but theres some customers quite funny.eg:
theres this maid and a boy.
BOY:*came over and sit on the slimming machine*
MAID:*follows e boy*
ME:*turn on the machine*
.......aft 10 mins......
both of em plans to leave.
MAID:ahboy,say bye bye to jiejie
BOY:bye bye KORKOR..

wth,i was like laughing la,den e maid scolded the lill boy.so cute

anw,angmohs are good customers(:

first match on YC starting ltr.gonna jiayou for sure
god bless team killiney!

pls grant me a wish.
i swear i'll love you for sure(:

i know that i care about you ... at 11:02

` here.waiting ;