if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

13 June 2008

yest was super tiring!alot of people and i kept talkin and talking with the customers.i seriously need pain killer for throat.i've been saying:hi,we are having promotion for rechargeable battery" when ever a customer walk pass.i think i said more than 2000 times alr.gosh~

and pls ppl,buy rechargeable battery from meh lei~
oxyride batteries(disposable).1.7 volt,2100mAh,good fuctions for cameras,3 packet of 4 which is 12 batteries for 10.90.outside sells ard 20 dollars leh~this has AA and AAA,price is still the same

reachargeable battery,putting ur batteries aside for one yr and the energy remain inside drop to 75% only!unlike other brands that after one year it will drop to 0%.packet of 3 of 2 in one.cost $27.90 for AA and AAA

charging kit with 2 free AAA batteries nd 4/2 AA battieries
there are 2 different charging kit
2hrs charging kit:can charge 4 batteries at a time,can charge AA and AAA batteries,cost $52.90
4 hrs charging kit:charging 2 batteries at a time,can also charge both AA and AAA batteries,cost $35.90

the reachargeable batteries and disposable batteries are sold at suntec hall 4 from 12pm to 9pm..under panasonic

anw i ytd found out that zf and amanda chiang are also working at suntec hall-.-..and johnny is a cuper funny guy,he thinks im 20 yrs old and he still dun wan to believe that im only 16..hah

pig:hey u try to come back on sunday early abit and come down suntec support me urh..haha,anw im nt gg online untill monday alr:(anything msg me:)

i know that i care about you ... at 09:00

` here.waiting ;