if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

20 July 2008

deeper then what you imagine

from friday till now,i've been enjoying myself real lot. craps jokes laughter,stupidness food and pictures. getting everyone to bond together.the scenes takes more than a thousand words to describe.

friday had basketball team dinner to celebrate coach's birthday.even though not everyone can come but then i really feel the bond.had real fun and talked about basketball not forgetting to create some distakes people had made..
jiaxin wanted to say gong bao ji ding but she said gong bao ji jing..
xinze told the waitress for a plate of gong bao ji ding without chilli.

we had 4 rounds of meal and im dead when i reach the 3rd round.sing songs and birthday cakes.from 6.30 to 10pm.that was really a fun day

morning woke up went to find sis. then headed down to west mall to study with hy,yj,kt,zs and anna.i din stay long and then went to meet zf and went back msia.we went to basketball centre at larkin to give aiping surprise.who knows,coach loh gave us a big surprise.
durg halfway thru the match.she shouted at one player and then plan to sit down who knows what happened and the next second she fall onto the ground.everyone was laughing like hell alright.shes always sucha joker.lol
after their match went to had steam boat with xueling,aiping,mulan,shengzi,zhengfang and meiling.
we were crapping around and then me and aiping play untill v high.she made one super super funny mistake.
cause msian ppl eng not v good then she was like telling zhengfang "BU YAO XIAO WO"
she translate into english and she wanted to say:"dont smile at me"
but then i heard her say:"dont SMELL at me
den i was like saying:"huh?wei shen me ta yao wen ni?"
so everyone was like laughing and laughing.so crap la.haha
after our supper,headed back home sweet home.

then today morning wen to eat dimsum at cheeenaa town.headed back home and nap till 6pm.hah

alright i think i shall end here.if wanna see photos pls go chinghouyees blog or aipings blog.i lazy to upload.LOl

im i treasuring it or not?

i know that i care about you ... at 22:32

` here.waiting ;