if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

20 August 2008

i love santa(: but deer is more lovely leh.haha

i was feeling damn sad in class tday for ard 10mins because of my stupid maths results.the two vvvv stupid careless mistakes made me flunk my pathetic mathematics.omg if coach knows abt it.i think i can do pumpin untill my hand break-.-
oh ya and talking abt pumping,i actually forgot that today got training.i think im gonna die on friday if i go training.confirm kena bomb by teacher and coach.

this few days in sch like very slack.its either teacher never come,no teacher or the teacher teaching us cannot control the class.i can sleep anytime any moment durg the lesson lah.tsktsk.lousy teachers.esp the mrs teo.so irritating-.-'

today went to bukit timah and someone dont want let me see her phone image loh.dono got what secret.hmmm next time you better keep your phone properly if not i snatch away from you uh(:

oh ya i was talking on the phone with TEE AILING THE BOXIM DADDY and she made one v stupid mistake!
she wanted to say:'she stay near bukit timah hill ah?'
but then she say:"she STAY AT BUKIT TIMAH HILL AH?"

i was laughing and laughin at her lah.opps.ps ah boxim daddy.who ask you bully me..haha

okay lah i shall stop here.if not boxim daddy gonna kill me on friday.LOL

deer miss its owner :(

i know that i care about you ... at 20:23

` here.waiting ;