if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

21 September 2008


idk why i start to browse thru all those past pics,notes,presents,and post this afternoon.
well i had nothings to do also.hahaha
i miss everything,everyone.
fuchun pri,fuchian,decklers,jienan,chr 2oo5-2007 team.hkn,kopitiam,kuokuang,
so many things occured and changes people life..made us learn more about things and reality.holding you when u fall.pushing u up to the top.

seriously thought abt the past when im in pri sch.i think i quite irritating..haha..maybe now i still irritate some of the people.but no matter how i irritate them,there still there.it feel nice(:

like geron,xuewei,berry and of cause von.they always know my thoughts.even when im busy with my stuffs they still can know when to entertain me when im down/bored.
p.s i suspect they follow me everyday.LOL :O

haha thanks guys.and of cause not forgetting sheryl houyee yijun la.my ex dear,har-ni and dear-.-. hahahhaa.jokers in sch.as in creating jokes about me-.-..
thanks uh.
i rmb yijun nowadays always like to say to me:"xinfang share share story lei~
houyee always like to say to me:"xinfang wo men shi BESTFRIEND LEI~.
hahahaha right right?dont smile to the screen okay.
thanks lah u three ai si ni men le.-.-

and of cause not forgetting my special one.always be there for me.even thou sometimes u must study like crazy ass..ahaha.
okay i type till like i may die or leave anytime.just sudden thoughts about life lah.quite random i also dono why.hahaha

and of cause my weird and dumbdumb sister too(:

well life is really unpredictable.
the main point of this game is to always cherish and treasure:D

i know that i care about you ... at 22:26

` here.waiting ;