if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

20 March 2009

7 days 7 days 7 days!
im not excited im not hyper im not awaiting for that day.eh wait,mayb im awaiting for that day-.-

im saddddddddddddd.cos i gonna miss my bed,my garfield,my dog,my friends,my sch table and miss you!yea u know u know that YOU(:

seriously i think aft i come back i'll be a no life person,i haven plan what to do aft i come back. i know first thing i'll be thinking of is YOU. YAR YAR! 就是那个 YOU! haha okay im being stupid here :P
currently im sick like dono what shit and i feel that my body is so light untill i can float to th sky.
hopefully i'll be fine before ebc trip,if not i really spent $3000 to torture myself for the past few months-.-
ebc last training officially ended on wednesday.and ytd went to sch train with the girls.oh its shimins bird day so yea happy b'day girl.as usual we played with the cake.training end earlier thanks to the xue lians.headed home asap cause i feel like fainting. went to see doc and she wanted to give me a jab cause i over cough?! lmao. i reject it last night but this afternoon i've no choice but to take that jab cos i cough till i taste blood? bloody hell.hahah

hmmmm i have two choice now.recover by today then i can go spore on saturday just to...erhem.ya
or dont recover so that im able to enjoy ur sayang much much much more? haha

i seriously hope that time will stop last night so i could get back the feeling we used to have.
but i know time aint gonna stop for me :(
this world is super duper unfair mans.
some words should be said.

theres nothing i would not try

i know that i care about you ... at 18:43

` here.waiting ;