if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

05 March 2009

tmr 7th.but its not there anymore
playing on repeat.cause im still holding tight

ytd 16km run changed to stair climb 20times.
gonna run up stairs for even no.s of time and walk up stairs for odd no.s of time.
so we ran ten times up the 12 storey high blk and another ten times by walking.
at dono ten time plus realized my knee not working well and it seriously sucks to have that kind of feeling.kept on going cause i dont feel like givin up at all.everyone managed to hit the target and thats a great thing(:

every ebc girls are very stress esp for the sec 4s.cheer up k wenting(:
i also have tons of work and i kept delayin in.gonna finish lots of work by tmr .eng,geo,math,chem,esp bio and poa!
kinda disappointed today cause i totally screwed up my poa test.morning then rmb got test and thats like wtf.
it will be less than 3 more weeks and we are setting off to nepal.we must and we have to cope with everyth no matter what happens.encouragin each other when we are about to fall.cause no one is slacking and everyone is suffering including the teachers.i really hope the summit will make us feel better(:


anw sat flag day and i seriously dont want to go :( hopefully i can excuse from it and go trg! :D
flag day seriously spoils my saturday-.-

idk why,being random.
i miss you

i know that i care about you ... at 17:41

` here.waiting ;