if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

08 March 2009

why is this freaking thing going on and on again?!

19 more days and im setting off to nepal.physical preparation for ebc i think can increase more cause i seriously need smth to vent on.temper now days was super bad.people around me tend to kena by me and im very sorry. lots of things had happened and everything dont seem easy to solve at all.everything is getting worst and im freaking tired.i've managed to take a break today and everything just go through my mind over and over again. i feel like falling flat on the floor and brain dead.i feel like running away.

i only hope you wont change anything at all.if you want it to be gone,time is all it takes.

yesterday was,chaos morning,aftnoon trg,subway dinner,snooker/pool night.
spent my friday night with kammy and yijun.romantic dinner at black track till 12plus.haha.
music,tealight candles,drinks,star gazing,true or truth.
this morning when i was travelling back to msia feeling damn moody,sunshine appear!haha.
saw ee jia ying at mrt station and we like 0123456789 years never meet/contact at all.and her first reaction was to pinch me and thats like wth-.- chat for awhile and i rushed back home.thanks to her, my morning turn out better.

cause every key is touching my heart.
although theres no hole in my shoe,
theres a big hole in my heart,
waiting for you here to mend.
i know its not going to work,
but somehow something kept me going,
standing right here at this place,
waiting for you to turn back.

are you willing to do so?

i know that i care about you ... at 16:47

` here.waiting ;