if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

27 June 2009

first of all..
happy birthday to brenda and sheryl!(:

alright back to blog. school gonna start in few days time and 1 mnth holis gonna end real soon.i haven even touch my poa and i guess the ahlian is gonna nag me to death when sch reopens :/
i may skipped sch a couple of days when sch reopens cause of some family stuffs but well i feel quite guilty for skipping sch too:/
mom may not let me skip too unless i kena quarantined by the school when the chances of being quarantine is like super small?haha

anw leong jia ning is jealous of my super special eating habits which made her cant believe that i can eat till so wen rou.haha.eh jianing u wna learn not? i can teach leh FOC one.haha!

i feel so energetic now a days and every night i slept around 4am plus or 5 plus then next morning i'll wake up before 11am. this is so sickening and i seriously dont like it because i think that its better to be asleep than awake.but till today i think i've small phobia of sleeping due to a dream :(
thou its just a dream, but my heart can feel the ache . tsk


i begin to believe that its gone,
but untill today,i realised its buried deep down
and i still can feel it.
damn it.

i know i cant make you stay.
but i would give my final breath
to make you understand how beautiful u are...
you call me a stranger, you say i'm a danger

i know that i care about you ... at 01:31

` here.waiting ;