if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

06 June 2009

yet another sleepless night.

okay remedial week is over. but last week of holi theres 2 more poa lesson :/
been training the girls and i hope there will be improvement aft this june holi.
c girls played with sengkang girls on tues then me and anita become coach. but durg last 3 mins of the game we sub into the court and play and the opponent stunt.haha
eric was the referee and he purposely keep blowing foul on me and anita.walao eh :/

oh and ya today is leong jianing's birthday. happy birthday girl!
now 16 yrs old liao must stop being so irritating in class, stop trying to disturb me by waking me up when i want to sleep,stop laughing till like got asthma attack cause everyone will be worried. lastly thanks for helping me to copy notes when ever im lazy absent moody. haha. we are 1 year 6 months sitting partner leh! haha

okay im nice to come here blog cause someone asked me to.
im having 3 free weeks and i cant be 24hrs studying :(
well totally no plans for my holis now-.-
okay seriously i dont know what to type anymore just toll off mood.

oh its day 6 of the month.
i doubt u'l realise it cause i guess we're gameover to you
okay i dont know why im feeling so terrible.
and i dont know why u can mean so much to me.
seriously u're the first person who im actually holding on to so much that even i cant control it.


i know that i care about you ... at 09:14

` here.waiting ;