if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

06 July 2009

okay i think the oral thing is still making me feel v the.....-.-
nvm time heals wound.

its 2.07am and im not asleep.but who cares cause theres no sch tmr! :D
okay friday din went sch cause im too tired to go. sch called to my house :O
and he freaking disturb my slp at 10plus,lucky i really got cough and flu so i told them im sick.hahaha.

anw lets talk abt saturday. i went to singapore to have gathering with the womens everest team at ms puah house.theres alot of food and K.O after eating abit of it-.-
we had our card games as usual,cake cutting,photo taking and rubiks session.
they seem to be facinated by the rubik's and theirs laughter is seriously....WOW.
we were creating alot of noise at ms puah house till 3 plus.

the next meeting will be on 23rd at the president house.
they say wear smart outfit i think? omg i seriously dono what to wear sia.
hahah.eh LEONG! SMART LEH.how? die tgt ah? hah

alright i think i shall end here alr.
btw i think my baby cousin is seriously very cuteeeee.
she called me jie jie today.LOL
and my sis asked her to call me korkor-.-piangz
heng she still dono how to say kor kor(:

i dare not
maybe im losing myself soon
living in deceive

i know that i care about you ... at 02:06

` here.waiting ;