if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

24 October 2009

2 more days to DOOMS DAY!

okay idk why i've been sneezing for alot of time EVERYDAY.
i think my nose got prob cause last week my aunt just told me tt when i was young i stuff rice inside my nose and kena hospitalised.HAHAH what a joke right.
or maybe someone is missing me thats why la.
i know its U laaaa :D

i've been doing math for almost everyday. and seriously i hope my math grades will go upupuppppppp!
alright last day of sch is on tues. so i din pon that day cause i scared that i'll regret forever for not attending e last day of sec sch. as usual. attendence is super good ttm.

Os begun with sci practical on thurs. im damn happy that i din cut e stupid onion. but e anions ans for y is sup irritating-.- okay since pract is over so yea forget it forget it.
stayed in sch for math and poa till ard 5.30. brain was drainin up durg poa so me and weeahlian went bonkers abt e poa Qn.
im quite worried for math cause im afraid e results will be disappointed even thou i've been doing math all e time. for angmoh aiya. just by luck la. bobian-.-
gotta start on SS and chem soon.

well gtg lucks to those whos taking Os.
aft i click on PUBLISH i mustmust finish at least 2 chem and 1 poa paper tonight!
alright bye peeps(:

i know that i care about you ... at 23:06

` here.waiting ;