if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

03 October 2009

first week stayin in spore was rather a boring one for durg e first few days :/
skipped sch on wed to have my passport collected nd thats like finallyyyyyyyyyy
but i went back sch aft tt for poa consultation! some teachers was quite funny cause they din realise i was absent that days when i greeted them-.-
like mr shen,i said hi to him and he hi back without asking me why i skipped sch. mdm heriyani even chatted with me till i somehow hint her abt the absentees that day then she realised. super hillarious ttm.

oh next day had 4e1'09 birthday celebration at mdm heriyani's house. had alot of fun over there. i like to kajiao e maid with malay and her kids is super shy i think.cause she reject whatever single thing i offered her.ahah celebrated till 9 plus nd i cab home.
next morning i was damn exhausted durg lesson time esp durg 2hrs of math.
aft sch celebrated teacher wee ahlian's birthday. sang bday song in canteen and almost everyone in e canteen sang tgt. ms foo walk out from GO cause we sang super loud till 2nd level can hear. but i seriously hope we wont get into trouble on monday morning. as usual. i began e cake fight by puttin cream on our dear birthday girl's face.
and she revenged. shaun and yi hang did e same thing to her but oly yi hang managed to escape. i gang up with ms wee and help her revenge! HAHA paiseh ah shaun.
2nd time i tried using e cream to threaten wee ahlian. she ate e cream on my finger. damn-.-
aft celebration went to remedial then headed down for vaccination nd home sweet home.
i miss my bed damn lot till i woke up at 12pm tday.haha

oh yea this week boxim daddy scare me when i was waking back home, a frisbi almost hit my head when i was walking. darren tan soon hin freak me out when i wanted to open e door. i had a super disgustin blister when i was balling with houyee and gang. ji steady right-.-

wonder whats up next durg this coming week~

this weekend how should i start.

i know that i care about you ... at 22:02

` here.waiting ;