if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

23 February 2010

i wanna upload photo but im having prob uploadinggg. kns :/

okay seriously i guess i lost track of the time.
i think im still living in 2009.hahah

i dont seem to have the newyear mood for this year. been working on chu1&2. sad life right?
i think im a workaholic now like seriously. one week work 5 days. everyday work till 10pm/11pm(thanks to the schedule planner-.-)
but i still like the working environment.ahaha

durg this cny season my mom and sis went back indo without me :(
so i spent my cny doing
-reunion dinner at xwei's place
-reunion dinner at bros place
-as usual gambleeeeee
-kammy house gathering
-lou hei at ikea,bro's place and aunts place
-steamboat at aunts place
-went coach& mdm wans house bai nian
-talk to a counselor aka bro's girlf( i did nothing wrong!-.-)
the remaining days all for work lor.

seriously my working days is like wake up, go work, go back, slp,wake up and goes on and on....
i think it'll still continue for a month or maybe longer :O

oh not forgetting that i cut my hand @ work ytd. jitao not alot of blood-.- and they gave me off day today to rest like woahhhh. haha
(p.s i cut my hand in e toilet while trying to pull tissue paper-.- stupid i know)

i feel that i still need to shop for some stuffs. ohman ohman. not enough time to do that and im still waiting for shopping session with el on next month! :D
not forgetting next week mich xl and alien is coming to my place.(dont feel like cleanning up my room hah)

okay i guess i gotta go alr,tmr still need to wake up early see dental sian

i know that i care about you ... at 22:24

` here.waiting ;